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More Skin Cancer, Left fractured wrist & Right Radial Nerve Palsy!

Updated: Feb 13, 2018

After my first skin cancer experience in 2013, these others were easy! Especially since my boyfriend was there by my side! Last guy left me the day of my MOHs surgery.

Aug. 2014 I had Basal Cell skin cancer on right quad. The dermatologist suggested this time that I use a skin cancer cream instead of MOHs surgery because I'm very fit and the quad is much different than your forehead. After the biopsy you have to let the wound heal, then use the skin cancer cream that eats your skin away for 6 weeks which is not comfortable at all! Why? Because it doesn't feel comfy and you can not wear pants. I also slept with that leg on top of the covers. After its healed for a few months, the dermatologist did another biopsy to see if the skin cancer was gone, stitches, and more healing. I got a walking cane to help me hobble around. I also did V beam laser treatments so you can't really see a scar.

I've had a lot of pre-cancerous places frozen on my face and one on my abdomen. They took about 2 weeks for the scab to fall off and heal each time.

Feb. 2016, I got Basal Cell Skin Cancer on my right lower forehead, just below where my 1st one had been removed. The dermatologist told me to use a new skin cancer cream for a few weeks. Yep, it to was not comfortable but at least I was also having two elective surgeries so I had pain meds and scheduled everything so that I could heal from all 3 things at the same time. Guess what? The cream didn't work! So, I was being scheduled for another MOHs surgery. This time I asked if I could have a few months of a normal life before having my life on hold again. I'd schedule close to Christmas break which my boyfriend was not happy with yet understood. I'm very glad I asked for this time as I could of never predicted what would happen next.

I had noticed a few places on my skin not healing so I scheduled with a new dermatologist for Dec. 1st (also because I was dealing with a rash on my legs and arms that 8 dermatologist, 2 allergist, a rheumatologist and a lot of tests couldn't figure out what it was or how to treat it.) A few days before Thanksgiving I ran in socks to go answer my door, slipped, went face 1st into my bathroom counter, busted my chin open and couldn't get myself off the floor. DO NOT RUN IN SOCKS! I managed after yelling at my friend who was at my door that I had fallen and trying to get up. A bit later I managed to get up, let them in, they went and got ice packs and a brace for my wrist, then they left. The next morning I knew I had to go to the ER, yet everyone I called was out of town. My boyfriend had been on a flight the night before and was going to be out of town for a few days. I managed to shower, slowly put on leggings, bra, tank top, grabbed a wrap and decided I'd take an Uber for the 1st time. I put the app on my phone but it wasn't working. So, I stood on the sidewalk in front of my place till a guy around my age walked by and I asked him "hey have you every used an Uber?" He looked at me strange. I lifted my left arm up and told him that I fell the night before, think my hand is broken, everyone I know is gone for the holiday and just need a way to get to the ER. He was trying to get my Uber app to work but couldn't (it takes time for it to process). So he ordered me an Uber on his phone.

I went to Providence St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica, was quickly checked in and they gave me a large ice pack for my arm while I was waiting to see a doctor. I texted my boyfriend that I had fallen and was in the ER. I had forgotten my phone charger and my battery was getting very low so, I asked the receptionist if they had a charger I could use. He said he didn't but could probably find one for me. A few minutes later he had a charger and plugged in my phone behind the reception desk. My boyfriend called me a few minutes later. I told him what had happened and I'd let him know what the doctor says. He apologized for not being there. I said well this one was totally my fault. I have house slippers, I just didn't put them on. I didn't have to wait long to see the doctor. I was quickly examined, X-ray taken and was told I probably fractured it. They gave me pain meds, a referral to an orthopedic surgeon Dr. Babak Samimi and let me lay in the hospital bed to rest for a bit. I contacted my PA to see if he could pick me up from the ER during one of his breaks, which he did.

I saw Dr. Samimi who did another X-ray and suggested that I also get an MRI. I checked with my health insurance to see what or how much was covered. It was fractured but he let me stay in the brace instead of putting me in a hard cast as long as I only took the brace off to shower and immediately put it back on since I had told him I was having MOHs surgery a few weeks from then.

Dec. 1st I saw the new dermatologist Dr. Dan Behroozan. He examined my rash on my legs and arms, suggested a cream but I also see his rash specialist and did 6 biopsy's! One was for the rash and the other 5 were possibly skin cancers.

Biopsy report:

Right. Forehead and Left lat Eyebrow - Basal Cell Skin Cancer.

Sternum - Squamous Cell Skin Cancer.

Right. Lateral Abdominal - Pre Squamous Cell Skin Cancer which was frozen.

Left Arm above elbow - Eczema

Dec. 19th, 2016, 2 Basal Cell Skin Cancer MOHs surgeries on my forehead.

Dec. 21st, 2016, 1 Squamous Cell Skin Cancer MOHs surgery on my sternum, between breasts. That one was easy. Just one cut and no stitches.

Like I said my boyfriend was there with me during every cut, waiting room, in between cuts, taking photos for me, holding my purse, etc... This wasn't my first rodeo so I was calmer as I knew what to expect and loved that he was there with me. He was actually the one that I had to calm down as at one point he started spiraling as if I were dying. I had to be calm because I couldn't contract my face and I needed him / wanted him calm and just be a support. Though I can only imagine if the tables were turned, watching chunks of my loves skin being cut away multiple times. While Dr. Greco was cutting on me, if I started to move my feet a bit because I was feeling pulling, a little pain or the sounds of cutting, being sewn up, my love would immediately stand up and start rubbing my feet to help comfort me. Things to ask your doctor for before you leave:

1. Pain Meds

2. Antibiotic

3. Diflucan (if you're a woman).

4. If you have a gym membership request a note from your doctor to freeze your gym membership so you are not getting charged till you are healed and cleared to go back to the gym. I'll write another blog to give you tips on how to stay fit during times like this at home.

Now Doctors or at least my MOHs surgeon doesn't like to give the 1st two and you don't need #3 unless your a woman and taking an antibiotic but considering what happened to me last time we all agreed that it was best I have all 4. My boyfriend drove to the drug store to pick up my prescriptions and them home. I already know what to stock up my fridge and home with during these procedures and injuries so that was already done. Which I'll write another blog about. Surprisingly with all of this going on my boyfriend and I still had our date nights. At 1st they were at home date nights and as I start to heal we go to a very expensive, yet extremely quiet restaurant down the street. It's our go to place while I'm healing. I believe it's important to still have that bond especially while recovering. It also reminds you that time is precious and that we're still human.

The nice thing is that I recovered from my wrist fracture and skin cancer surgeries all around the same time and could start physical therapy for my wrist! LOL, we had an excellent Valentines! I decided to write a book because I was tired of feeling like my life kept being put on hold (as I knew it) and I needed a sense of something I could control and accomplish. That's what I did! I wrote a self help book, not a novel called "Wisdom Inside, Inspire Me!" You can read it 1 page each day or all in 1 go. There is a lesson on each page even if there's not a lot of text. You don't always have to know the whole story to get the story / lesson. It's available on Amazon in paperback, ebook and audiobook. Here's the link:

Oh drats! I just got my life back, able to go to ballet, pointe, swim, train myself in Pilates / a little aerial arts conditioning, cardio, drive and be social. On Feb. 27, 2017, I had a biopsy on my left upper forehead and I already knew it too was going to be basal cell skin cancer. A few days later my phone rings just as I'm walking into ballet and it's my dermatologist Dr. Behroozan. He told me it was basal cell skin cancer and this one could not wait that I had to schedule MOHs surgery immediately. I thought to myself "Oh God! My boyfriend is going to leave me and just say he's had enough of my surgeries / injuries. How can I tell him? I have to tell him. Ok, Pason say a prayer or like 100 of them." I told him while we were having dinner at Katsuya. He again was supportive and said ok, schedule it for the soonest available. The morning of April 3rd, 2017 my boyfriend is driving as we're heading down the street for my MOHs surgery and I say "Hey, honey did you bring your passport?" He looks at me and says "no, why?" I replied "Well, I think it's a much better idea to take a trip to Bora Bora or somewhere instead of another skin cancer surgery today. We don't really need anything other than a few bathing suits, flip flops, sunglasses and sunblock." He did not drive us to LAX.

We're sitting in one of the rooms waiting for my MOHs surgeon. Dr. Greco opens the door and I say "Well, Doc I wasn't expecting to see you again so soon!" He laughed and said "me either!" I said "so, does this mean I qualify for a punch card now? Like after 5 MOHs surgeries I get to choose a free elective meaning cosmetic surgery? I'm sure you can work out something with my plastic surgeon. Or after 5 the 6th one is free?" He laughed again and said "lets take a look." Darn!

He had to do 5 rounds or cuts as I call them on my left upper forehead. The Dr. cuts some out, the pathologist there tests the tissue to see if the margins are clear. If they margins are clear the surgeon sews you up and you're good to go. If the margins are not clear they have to cut more out and this process goes on back and forth, cut, test, cut, test, etc...till the margins are clear and then they have to decide how to sew you up. My surgeon is fantastic and does beautiful work!

When I went back to get my stitches out Dr. Greco also froze 3 Pre-Cancerous spots on my right cheek that was in a vertical row. This was the easiest of all the skin cancer surgeries that I've had. Later that month my dermatologist had to freeze a Pre-Cancerous spot on the right side of nose and left top tip of lip.

It's now Jan. 2018 and I just healed from right Radial Nerve Palsy that I got in Oct. but good news I at least have a break from skin cancer!

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